Hollykit or paw

Wolfblaze is a Huge Jet Black Tom with Green eyes

Past and PersonalityEdit

Wolfblaze is the first son of Ivystar and Thornblaze. Thornblaze looks up to Tumblestar the leader of Shadowclan because he wants to be a leader just like him. Wolfblaze is more like his dad quiet but loveable he was tortured by Ivystar when he was a kit because she kept gushing over him about how he acts like his father. (...>_> Did I rlly act that way?) He doesn;t like the fact of having a mate by his side so he prefers to be solo. Ivystar is very proud of him. Wolfblaze has a short temper and a sharp tongue just like Ivystar and he doesn't mind the fact that he can kill a cat by loosing control. (0_0 don't look at me like that! I taught him everything he needs to know!) He is quiet and doesn what hes told even though some She-cats gush over him he ignores it and moves on. Wolfblaze was born in Shadowclan and became a warrior there. He left Shadowclan because he didn't want to see his mother leave him behind. (>_> Mostly because he didn't wanna deal with the She-cats...) He used to like Jaywing but was heart broken when she choose Firepelt instead of him. Since then Wolfblaze put up a wall around himself.

Haunts and DislikesEdit

Wolfblaze is haunted by the Dark side of him and the secert he keeps locked up in his heart. Wolfblaze is haunted by the thought of his uncle. (Scourge) He is also fears of his heart getting broken again but he mostly keep that to himself.

He hates the thought of Ivystars father and Eygptpaw hanging around Thiefpaw.

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