Venomfang is a Large Dark Gray Tom with Light Amber eyes and a White Chin that goes down to his chest. He also has One White front paw and One White back paw.

Past and PersonalityEdit

Venomfang is a loner and has been alone his whole life till he met Ivystar and agreed to join her Clan. He is shy and barely talks but has excellent hunting skills and was the first cat in the whole clan to get and Apprentice Tumblepaw. He hates the thought of killing bird and so has ask Ivystar to not kill birds because he likes the way they are free. Venomfang likes to be alone and barely trust newcomers in the clan. He at first thought Thornblaze was Ivystars brother but Ivystar told him they were mates. Tigerlily is Venomfangs mate now but he still likes to be alone. Thinks Ivystar needs alone time from Thornblaze.

Haunts and DislikesEdit

Venomfang is Haunted by the thought of water and swimming in it makes him gag.

Venomfang Dislikes that Thornblaze is too protective and barely give Ivystar freedom and space.

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