Thornblaze is a Dark Brown Tabby with Ice Blue eyes.

Past and PersonalityEdit

Thornblaze is a quiet but loveable tom that is Ivystars mate. He loves her with all his might and will jump out in front of a car for her if she was in danger. He hates it when toms talk to Ivystar and always shoves them aside with his ears angled back but not flattened against his head. (You could say hes very protective. lol *scratches head*) No ones knows Thornblazes past only that when Ivystar left him for Hawkfur he was sad and he told her that he would wait. (*snifflez* I remebering that day) Thornblaze is very protective of his family and mate and will not let their hearts break not even the smallest break he will be angry. All thornblaze wants is his family to be happy. Thornblaze was a loneras a kit but joined Shadowclan when he saw Ivykit for the first time . ("You could say it was love at first site Ivy." thats what he said) Since then Ivystar and Thornblaze have been hard to break apart. He moves she moves She moves he moves thats how strongly they love each other.

Haunts and DislikesEdit

Thornblaze doesn't have any haunts that he talks about only haunts he talks baout is when toms talk Ivystar a lot but theres always something in his eyes that keeps Ivystar from beleiving thats all thats haunting him.

Thornblaze dislikes the thought of Egyptpaw and Thiefpaw being together, and having Ivystar taken away from him by a better tom, or having his family broken up.

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