Ivystar is a Beautiful White Tabby She-cat with sparkling Ice blue eyes.

Past and PersonalityEdit

Ivystar is the daughter of Carmeltail and Scourge. She has a dark past that she rarely talks about only her closes friends know about it not even her mate knows about her past. Her evil sister Fearheart trys to force her to show her true side with is when Ivystar can kill cats without thinking and looses control of her body and her eyes glow a heartless blue. This is the power of the Darkforest that lerks behind her everystep. When cats get her angry you better run she has a sharp tonuge and very sharp claw. Ivystar is calm all the time and is wise in some ways but she doesn't know how. Ivystar was once Ivyair the greatest Fighter in Shadowclan before she left on a mission to find a safe place for her family to live. Ivystar used to like Hawkfur (Now in the Darkforest) but fell in love with Thornblaze and is still loyal to him even in tough times. She had five kits Sanddust, Cinderflame (both runts of the family) Wolfblaze, Spottedivy, and Egyptkit.

Haunts and DislikesEdit

Ivystar is haunted by her father Scourge and her evil sister Fearheart and her dark side. Ivystar ran away with her family when Fearheart threatened to kill them. She hates how her mother lied to her about her father being the loner named Seere. Every step to Ivystar feels like she's being followed by her father and hes just waiting for her to snap so that he could force out her Dark side. Ivyairs Dark side is a thing that she protects her family from is the Fury that can control them by making them kill without restrain. Ivystar watched her little brother Flamekit die before her eyes from Fearheart when their playing got to rough. Ever since then she's been haunted of letting herself get to angry and to the point of attacking things.

Ivystar dislikes Theifpaw because he has been teaching her daughter Egyptpaw bad manners and she has been starting to diseppear durning the night. And when a cat kills another without a reason or if the cat was Misjudged.

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