FallWindClan camp is big and has a Leader den that is covered in soft ferns and the inside is filled with sand Ivystar shares the den with her mate. A cool breeze gently flows around the leaders den cool. The Warriors den is big almost the same size as the leaders den it can hold up to 16 warriors and still have space. A soft wind makes the ferns ontop shimmer and let in cool air so the warriors won't be hot when they take a nap or rest. Apprentice den is a little small and can only hold 4 apprentices at the time. It gets cramp in there but the apprentices rarely complain Ivystar is thinking of making it bigger just incase they get new apprentices. Medicince cat den is the same size as the apprentice den but is under ground and is very cool inside sometimes cats go down there just to cool off and the cats in need feel very confy on the moss and fern bed in the middle of the den. Herbs are stacked on both sides and it makes it easier with the bed in the middle so the Medicine cat can move all the way around the cat and treat him/her from both sides. The walls have a small dip to store the herbs in and are covered with a smooth strait rock so its hard for kits to get into unless they have very long claws to pull the rock out from the ground.


FallWindclan territory is covered in trees that are very tall great for strengthening their climbing abilities and the ground has long open spaces that make it easy to chase and hunt prey from trees and land. Ivystar knew this place was a good idea because of the way the wind always seemed to shift when you are stalking your prey so you are down wind from them. Next to the camp theirs a clear river that flows with fish only experianced cats can catch the silver swimmers that move swiftly. If you follow the little river it starts to get bigger and then it falls down into a waterfall. Its a great place to go if you need to get away from it all which is were Ivystar can be found sitting on the middle rock staring at the sky. Ivystar has not found any other clans nearby since she left Shadowclan with some of her family but they do have trouble with rouges that steal food from apprentices. Theres a dark place at the edge of her territory that Ivystar calls the real Darkforest cause when you walk by it you get chills and feel your body go cold. She says that the place seems to draw out your bad side and has strickly forbbiden it from others. At the other end of her territory is a lushes place to hunt and it always bright and has great weather. Ivystar is cautious about this place cause she knows that it could be a dangerous place in a second. She lost two cats in that place from a fire and a flood. This place seems to bring out the good in cats and so Ivystar thinks its the living starclan and lets the kits go their when she knows that there will be no rain or storms. Ivystar had one kit when she got to the Fallwind territory and named her Egyptkit and she is now Egyptpaw. Egyptpaw is the only kit Ivystar has had since she first got here and is very proud of her.

Latest activityEdit

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