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Cinderflame is a Beautiful Light Gray Tabby She-cat with a white underside and Green eyes. She is a small She too! =)

Past and PersonalityEdit

Cinderflame is the first daughter of Ivystar and Thornblaze. Cinderflame was born as a runt and barely strong enough to suckle. She made it through winter by never leaving her mothers side and has grown up to be a great warrior. Cinderflame past is harsh when she was an apprentice she was teased by nickname like Shorty, Little legs, Runt! (Where was I when this happened?! D8) But she grew to ignore it and if they kept going she'd show them that Shortness doesn't mean everything in this world. (Thats right Cinder!) She hasn't found a mate yet but isn't looking like Wolfblaze they work together and never leave each others sides. Cinderflame is tough and doesn't hold the Fury in her which is a good thing because she would have died at birth. Trained to be a Medicince cat but didn't like the thought of not having a mateat first. But now is thinking of being FallwindClans Medicince cat. Doesn't mind that Egyptpaw and Thiefpaw being together thinks its kinda cute! ^_^

Haunts and DislikesEdit

Cinderflame is haunted when she saw her Brothers eyes glow at night and saw nothing but a heartless being in them.

Dislikes the fact that both of her brothers hold something that he can't control when it is released.

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